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[orchid] RTV vs Vulcanized

While this product may be stronger than older formulations, it is
far from vulcanized rubber as far as tear strength is concerned.
It is a useful addition to one's arsenal but is not, in my opinion,
a replacement for vulcanized rubber. 

Hi, Spike. You are correct. In my haste to get the word out that the
RTV and heat cured silicones have come a long way in tear strength,
I did not state it properly. I should have said “approaching the
tear strength of natural rubber.” Actually, some of our heat cured
silicones are a lot closer to natural rubber than our silicone RTV.

Thanks for pointing it out. Best wishes,

Bill Mull

Zero-D Products, Inc.
38285 North Lane. #103
Willoughby, OH 44094 USA
fax 440 942 2130