(Orchid) Registering hallmark/trademark

Hi all - Thank you - thank you for all the replies. I do have one
more question - when we register our mark - Has anyone registered
a few variations at the same time - for the one fee? ie: c.wiig
as well as the stylized cw?

We do have a law school at the University of Hawaii here - so ,
I’ll contact their library - great suggestion. The internet
site (listed below) has provided the graphics for some of the

I located my previous message with the different web sites
explored - so will add them heRe:

The site for the listing of Pending and Registered Trademarks:

Hoover and Strong have a page that lists the organizations that
have been recommended to contact:

The Federal Trade Commission site for the rule that had info on
the marking of metal.

I think it is a good gamble to pursue it as an independent - so,
thank you for sharing all your different experiences. The
“Colleen” experience was a surprise since I thought that if it
was a different type of business there wouldn’t be a probem . .
. wrong!

All of the info has been very useful and I’m sure this will take
time - but I will check in periodically as to my experience with
the process. I’m with Peter - that I’d rather put the $1000
towards tools!!

Aloha and you’all are great.