[Orchid Raffle] J2R Casting Machine

Dear All - We have only 63 tickets left for the J2R casting machine
raffle at $40 per ticket. Don’t be one of the people who tries to
buy Ticket #201 - won’t happen! By the way, for those of you
outside the U.S., Rio will cover shipping on the machine but NOT
duties or associated fees. We are in the home stretch. The Raffle
is organized by Sam Patania, Tucson. Raffle date will be June 30th,

Get a chance to win! Buy your Raffle Tickets Online:


Many, many thanks to Rio Grande for offering this excellent item and
for all of their interest in Orchid.

Learn about The J2R Casting Machine: http://www.neutec.com/j-2r.htm

Pat Kulla @ Patania’s