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Orchid Pin one step further?

Hi, It has occurred to me that Hanuman could do with more of a
financial enhancement to help along all his hard work. Couldn’t we
organise our own Orchid Metalwork & Jewellery (English spelling:)
Design Competition. The creative output that is that would ensue
dedicated to Orchid, could then be judged into categories that Hanuman
could have on an e-commerce site, “The Orchid Collection”? Or is it a
stupid suggestion? regards,

Brian S. Saynor BA (Hons)
Metalwork & Jewellery Design
and Multi-Media Artist
Tel: 07989 386550

Brian Saynor’s suggestion has merit. I had just wondered about
incorporating some competition or exhibition possibilities, in
regards to developing the Orchid Pin. Criteria could be set regarding
design, a modest entry or inclusion fee could be collected. I am
confident that many of the Orchid members would welcome an
opportunity to participate in something directly beneficial to our
host Dr. Aspler, and to perpetuate the Ganoksin website. Perhaps their
could be a determination this way as to the ultimate selection for
the design of the ‘Official Orchid Pin’.

Not trying to interject too many things, or complicate things too
much, but personally, I like the idea of a ganoksin logo pin, and
also an Orchid pin, that could be worn either together or apart.