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{Orchid] Orchid pin design and Production

Hi, I would absolutely put the logo in. Is there an experienced
jeweler in the Englwood NJ area or New York City area in this forum
that I could work closely with. I do not draw and do not make
jewelery and having a jeweler to work with is the only way I could
think of trying to create a design for any idea I come up with. It
is easier for me to work with someone when I design. This is
something I would like to try but it is not something I do full time
(and the jeweler I previously worked with is no longer available) and
so I am a little nervous about it. I am not sure I can do it but I
will try. There is a group of wonderful talented designers and
jewelers on this forum that maybe one of them will have a great idea
and want to try this also. I do look forward to trying if I can work
with an experienced jeweler.