Orchid Members in Chile?

Hi, I am going to Santiago, Chile for a week in April, 2005, with my
mother, to visit friends of hers. Due to her age and state of
health, we will be staying with her friends in Santiago, and visiting
only the nearby areas of Chile. (Though Easter Island and Tierra del
Fuego sound incredible, for instance, they are just not practical for
my mom at this time.)

Are there any Orchid members in Chile, who would be interested in
meeting for conversation?

Does anyone have any recommendations of places to go, people to
meet, or things to see?


Do I have a friend FOR YOU, his name is Alvaro Diaz Codoceo in
Santiago,Chile, where else? I sent him my very own CD on Graver
Sharpening…he was so excited when it came, he works as a chemical
engineer and has no access to any form of schooling in the jewellery

In his broken English he thanked me for helping him through our own
“ORCHID”. I did learn that schools are too expensive and he couldn’t
afford the niceties that were are all accustomed to. I have no known
address of him down there, but with his correct name you could try a
telephone book. My CD went to a Miami mail box…:>(

Cynthia please say a very fond hello to him and ask him to contact
me at @Gerald His email address is adiaz@cimm-tys.cl I will try
and make contact myself first, to help you!

“Gerry, the Cyber-Setter” (the setter who helps others first!)

Hello : if you need any help with anything or that is
need i can help all you want just ask. may be I can help with turist
tips or arrenge contacts for meetings if she comes to work :slight_smile:

My data is:
Alvaro Diaz Codoceo
Paul Claudel 1144 Depto 602
Vitacura, Santiago.

Phone: 7544956 (HOME)
Phone: 3643346 (Office, Working hours (8:15 to 18:30)
It is great to help

Alvaro D=EDaz Codoceo
Santiago, Chile
"Ex Umbra In Solem"