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Orchid members by country and states

This is just an idea that I had and would like other input from
fellow Orchidians. Is there a way we could find out if there are
other Orchid’s in our own state or country? It would be nice to have
a gathering sometime with those of us that are near to each other. It
does seem like a family of friends that I would like to meet at shows
or gatherings. This is the best forum on the web and I for one would
miss it if it weren’t in my mail box. Thanks to all who contribute
and especially to Hanuman for all his hard work in maintaining this
great source of for us all. Blessings to all of you.
Roxan from Pa. USA

** Hanuman’s Note **

Dear Roxan;

The list is dynamic. People subscribe and unsubscribe from the list
on a daily basis. I have the but need to compile it. I
am also afraid that some of us who are in a * lurking * states would
prefer to stay unlisted. If you are with us long enough, You might
have noticed that there are no more “Introductions” of new
members…from the same reason.


Perhaps we could voluntarily add to our messages where we are
located. Alana Clearlake, Emeryville, CA, an itty-bitty town
sandwiched between Oakland and Berkeley in Northern California.

Dear Roxanne, I second your suggestion about state or area lists. It
would be wonderful to get together with other Orchid members both
socially and educationally.

There is so much knowledge out there to be given to members like me
who have not been doing jewelry making for a long time. There is so
much talent out there in all our areas,that I’m sure would be guest
speakers at our get togethers.

Grab the moment while you can sosince i live in almost the
middle of New England(New Hampshire),I am ready to start the ball
rolling. If anyone is interested,you can contact me off line at as I would be willing to plan a meeting here
before the snow flies.

Louise Gerstenblatt
600 Central Ave.

Hi Roxan, I think by posting your state and showing an interest in
meeting others they will contact you. Seems the best way. This is what
I did when I announce my metal gatherings in RI. Good luck, Susan
Sarantos (new web in progress)
“Listen to the Universe and Dance to the Rhythm of it.” SES

Hi Louise,

I live just west of Boston, and would also enjoy getting together
with other Orchid members. I know from experience that it can work;
we have had many pleasant evenings with others from this area
interested in stone faceting whom we met through the Faceter’s Digest,
another online forum.

When we were organizing the faceting group through postings to
Faceters’ Digest, many people were hesitant to publish addresses (or
phone numbers, since reverse phone books would yield addresses)
because they felt that thieves monitoring this mail list would see
their membership in such a group as a sign posted “steal from this
address - gems and gold lie herein!”. Even when I get metal
delivered from a refiner, it never shows the company name in the
return address, they use either a fake name or initials only. I
personally have never had a theft, but am willing to be cautious based
on others’ experience.

I’ve said all that so that you would not be discouraged if the number
of people who post their specific address is small; identifying a
meeting place and time will allow others to participate without
broadcasting their addresses to the world at large. We in the smaller
faceters group all know one another’s addresses now, after more that a
year of meetings. Our meetings are alternating between a location in
Marlborough, MA and our house and attendees vary depending on how
close they are to each house.

I see lots of advantages to hooking up with others of like mind. I
know I spend money on classes when all I’m really looking for is
company. I think that the recent thread on home shows and the
advantages of doing it with others to share responsibility and costs.
Written advice is good, but having someone show you how to do it is

Keep me posted, and drop me a note if you need any help organizing!