Orchid List CAM/CAM Jewelry FAQ Project

Fellow Orchidians, Before the holidays, I posted a message to ask for
volunteers in the creation of an Orchid List CAD/CAM Jewelry FAQ page.

I’d like to thank the folks who have already offered to work on this

Never having done anything like this, my initial thought is to ask
for input and suggestions. What topics, ideas and issues are of most
interest to you? I’m hoping to get a broad range of feedback so that
this project will include many different points of view.

The organization of this database, has the potential to be a great a
source of for anyone wishing to reference CAD/CAM as it
relates to our craft of jewelry making!

Please respond to me off the list if this project interests you.

Jesse Kaufman
CAD-CAM Technology
Handcrafted Originality