Orchid like button

Sometimes I read a post I really agree with, and would like to say
so, without clogging up the forum with trivial emails like, “Oh, I
like whet Bill said.” How would others feel if Hanuman was able to
add a like button to each forum post at least on the website, and a
go to button on each email for ‘liking’ as well. Maybe even a
facebook link too. Just wondering if this would be popular, and if we
should encourage Hanuman to do so?

Dan Culver

How would others feel if Hanuman was able to add a like button to
each forum post at least on the website, and a go to button on each
email for 'liking' as well. 

Please don’t turn Orchid into facebook. A “like” button may be nice
for teenagers and on blogs and such, but have you ever seen that
feature actually add a single bit of useful It does not.
Just clutters of the works. Adding links to the email list is even
more problematic, just as would be sending the email list out in HTML
format, as not all mail readers handle HTML equally, increasing the
likelyhood that some readers would then have trouble reading the
messages or using the links. Plus, adding this sort of feature turns
the web site into a considerably more complex type of web page.
Orchid would likely need to add full time programmers. Such features
look simple enough on facebook or on ready made canned blog software,
but adding it to a massive site like Ganoksin that doesn’t already
have it, can be a monumental task. And right now, especially
considering the still waterlogged state of affairs around Hanuman’s
area of Bangkok, I’d guess he has much more urgent and useful things
to do with his time.

If you like a post, but have nothing to add, then go with that second
instinct. enjoy the post, grin to yourself, and move on. If you’ve
got something to actually add, then reply. If you want to encourage
the poster but don’t want to actually post to the list, you can reply
directly to the poster, off list, with your opinion or support of
criticism, etc. All more useful than clicking “like”.

Orchid is about sharing not about cheering on popular

Just my two cents (and perhaps marking me as no longer being a

Peter Rowe

Like button? I say forget it. Why should I, or anyone for that
matter care one iota whether someone likes or dislikes someone elses
post? Leave that for the teenage facebook addicts.

Jerryn in Kodiak

I strongly agree with Peter. Please, no liking, no thumbs up or down.
For me, Orchid is very complete and satisfying. We communicate well
with one another, share useful and are non judgmental. It
is a great site as it is.

Sandra Buchholz
Elegant Insects jewelry

Definitely agree with Peter (Hi, Peter). No “Like” button for
Orchid, please!

Linda Kaye-Moses

Hello all, I agree with Peter that a button would diminish the value
of exchanges between Orchid members. I can understand that one does
not always have much to say on the subject but finds the information
interesting and useful and would like to thank the author but to go
to the effort to put ones thoughts, reasons and feelings into words
adds meaning to a conversation and facilitates, even if we never see
each other, relationships between forum members.


I’m a 59 year old Facebook user, and I like the Facebook entries
there. But Orchid is not a social network, it is a
technical/hobby/professional artist network. Likes or such do not. do
not belong in this forum/network. A help network where on article can
be liked by many and not so for many others, so like system would be
very distracting or confusing, so please NO!


I agree that a “like” button does not belong on Orchid. I also find
it kind of a waste of time when someone just tells us they like or
agree with another poster without offering any new It’s
a judgment call, I know, because there are times our agreement
matters to a topic, but if the rest of the Orchid community doesn’t
need to know, just send a private message to the individual you are
agreeing with.