Orchid last chance for auction!

Hi,I am making one last plug to promote our charity effort
mentioned previously on Orchid, it is to benefit the ill daugter of
a female jeweler.

The current bid on Charles Lewton-Brains Pin is $60, There is no
bid on my earrings as of yet…minimum bid $25.

If you want a description of either again, please E-mail me
directly. If I don’t hear from anyone on this in the next 48 hrs I
will assume that there is a lack of interest and promise not to
mention the whole thing again. If anyone has a question or wants
to add a piece feel free or contact Charles or I.



Karen, May I suggest setting up an account for her at a local bank,
and supplying us with the details. I will be more than happy to
send a check. I personally have been very dismayed at the
inactivity around this request.

It (the auction) idea does not seem to be pushing enough buttons.I
am even willing to send a check directly to you. E-mail me the
address directly.

For those wondering what this is all about. There is one among us
needing help for a daughter with aplastic anemia. Both Charles and
Karen have previously tried to generate funds.



I thought this was a great idea and can’t understand why it hasn’t
been fruitful unless its because we are all jewelers on this list
and have so much jewelry already. There is an organization that’s
usually mentioned in Craft’s Report magazine that helps artists,
but that may be for disasters not covered by insurance and the
like. I wonder if there is some other way we as Orchids could
help in situations like this. Certainly, it would seem that since
there are over 2000 of us, we could put our creative heads together
and find a way to help out. I would be willing to invest the time
to organize a list of suggestions (off-line) and post the
compilation if there is interest in organizing something like this.

Bacliff, Texas Gulf Coast USA

I also would rather send a cheque. Ruth

I am new at the computer but went to Gemnet auction and did’nt see
anything. Maybe I wasn’t accessing it right. Donations can be sent
direct to Aleris Hart C/O Sue Knopp at P.O. Box 31 Shingle
Springs, CA 95682. Please make checks out to Aleris Hart. Her
daughter is at Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento. Thanks to
all. Sue K.


Glad to see you get this up here. If we had the daughters name, we
could also send cards directly to her at the hospital. Your next
computer assignment is, if you should accept it. Daughters
name, Hospital address and zip code.

Thanks for being a real great friend to Aleris.

I would appreciate if someone could please post info on where I
might send a donation. I have not participated in the auction,not
from lack of interest,just too busy. I have hardly been able to get
through my mail until today,having just gone through about 300
bulit up postings. I would love to own either of the two pieces up
for auction,feel like I just kinda missed the boat. Please let me
know if I can contribute.-Carrie Nunes

             Here in Nashville.Tennessee which was tornado town

this past Thursday. Lots of damage around town.

Excuse my clutter please. I sent a previous post requesting info
on where to send a donation direct. I just got further through my
built up mail and found the info from Sue. Nevermind-I will get a
check in the mail today.-Carrie Nunes @tnunes