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(Orchid) Keeping steel shot from rusting

Greetings Orchid Friends:

Recently subscribed to The Orchid List & Digest. Have worked the
Jewelry and Lapidary Field a number of years now. Have been tuned
in on our list and have nothing but praise to extend to those
that are on the list and those that have made this list possible.

Over the years I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert in
the field; however on methods & procedures that do not work. Had
some experience with steel shot that I’d like to share. This
procedure I’ve used with the carbon steel; and is one of the few
methods that have worked for me.

There is a product put out by the crystalite corporation
containing a rust inhibitor for use with diamond grinding wheels
and diamond trim saws. The product is called “CRYSTALCUT” it is
mixed 1 oz. to 1 gal. yes, water. It worked so well with
preventing rust in my equipment that I now use to to store steel
shot, however I use a stronger mixture. It is available from
Lapidary Suppliers or Crystalite Corp.

Thank you all for taking the time to share your experiences and
I look forward to the messages.


Peter Skerda