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(Orchid) Help with Karat Rolling Mill


  1. Longer roller goes with the Orange (reduction) gear. The extra
    length is for this reduction gear. On the opposite end you put the
    drive gear (small black gear) this drives the upper gear from the
    shorter roller.

  2. Of the two shorter ones. One is for the square wire and this should
    match the lower roller (long ). The other is for the shallow U & V
    grooves. Inspect the grooves & you should see it.

  3. You may use any of the shorter rollers with the bottom Flat roller
    to make Half Round. Depends on your Wire Draw Plate if you are looking
    for a full half round or a shallow D.

I have posted a message for Suzanne and I cannot get through to her.
May be she is out of town.

Regards. Waiting for the Storm a big one I believe. Kenneth Singh
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