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Orchid Gold Members Value Proposition

Hi Orchidians -

I will move this to Site Feedback once we get cooking, but I was hoping to get some feedback from you all. While we offer the obvious benefits of the Ganoksin materials library and Orchid forum to our members, one of my primary goals is to continually add value for Gold members of Orchid to thank them for their generous support of both Ganoksin and Orchid.

We have the benefit of being supported by many industry players, all of whom would be open to the notion of occasional special offers, discounts, rebates, etc. Some of these are ongoing, but many would be occasional one-off deals and steals, etc.

What I am currently contemplating is creating a separate category in Orchid, accessible only to Gold members, where our advertisers and Leah and I could post such things.

I am wondering from you, the following;

  1. If you are a Gold member, what types of offers/benefits/promotions might you like to see? What would you consider to be most valuable? And by the way, THANK YOU!

  2. If you aren’t a Gold member, what types of benefits might encourage you to upgrade?

Many thanks in advance for your participating and insights. I certainly won’t be able to do everything that is suggested I am sure, but my hope is to just get an idea if I am heading in the right direction or not :slight_smile:

Hi Seth,

here are some stream of consciousness thoughts from me:

  1. while it would be nice to have “special access” to a gold area, I wonder if adding another layer or “click” would get used…?

I personally log into “Ganoksin”, then click into the “Orchid Community” (forum), and then click on “Latest”…and then that is where I hang out and look for new posts of interest…I don’t regularly go into the “Ganoksin” portion…so, I am not sure if I would end up going into a “Gold” section either…unless I was alerted that there was something new to see…

  1. if the “Gold” benefits were touted on the forum, perhaps Non Gold members would see the benefits and possibly upgrade, or plan to upgrade eventually…basically advertising the benefits…or, perhaps a post to notify/ alert the Gold members to go to the special section when relevant, instead of having to check in for newness…which can be a letdown if there is nothing new?..alert posts for new Ganoksin content would be good in general too…

  2. I am currently into watching and learning from video tutorials…as a paying member, perhaps access to special video learning would be a value draw to upgrade to Gold, and to click into a special section…again, alert posts for new content is always good in my opinion…

(I belong to many “pay” sites…one thing I dislike is having to go into (all) the sites (periodically) to look for new content…I would appreciate alert posts/ emails for new content…less dissapointing!)

  1. …perhaps as incentive, supplier vendors could offer a $ coupon for upgrading, which would get the new gold members to go to the vendor website to “spend” the $ coupon, and perhaps sign up for an account if for the first time and become a regular repeat customer, and probably spend more money than they would have without the $ coupon…(I always find more things to buy that what was on my shoppiing list!)…which benefits the vendor…instead of offering special deals that may be hit or miss depending on the needs of the members…

in summary:
I like "one stop shopping"
I like to be notified of new content, so I don’t have to wonder and check
I like finite $ coupons, better than special offers, so I can spend as I need
I like learning/ training videos

thats all I can thing of for now…


  1. If you are a Gold member, what types of offers/benefits/promotions
    might you like to see?

I would be happy to see “free shipping for orders over $n” or “$n off
the shipping method of your choice” with a coupon code. The amount
doesn’t have to be much, any savings on shipping is nice. This would be
fairly easy to implement.

Some non-jewelry webistes offer ‘loyalty points’ for repeat customers
based upon the number of dollars spent per order, which translates to a
few dollars’ savings on a future order. That would be a little more
involved to implement.

What would you consider to be most valuable?

A discount on specific items considered otherwise too costly would be
nice. “Too costly” depends upon the buyer of course. The 10% discount
Rio offered on the Durston Agile rolling mill moved me from years of
"I’d really like to have a Durston" to “I’m buying one!” This is also an
idea that would be a bit difficult to implement, but say I wanted to buy
a pulse arc welder and just couldn’t see my way to dealing with the
cost. What if you could set up a sort of layaway plan and save up
points accumulated over purchases to be used only toward that item? I’d
have a valuable goal to work toward and it would incentivize me to buy
only from that supplier to build up the points.

It probably couldn’t be done but including a Powerball ticket in each
shipment would be nice. :slight_smile:

Neil A