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Orchid Gatherings


Orchidians, I made an error in giving the impression that the dinner
in San Francisco, was the first Orchid/SNAG event. This is actually
the second one. Dave Sebaste arranged a lovely dinner at SNAG in
Richmond. What I wanted to clarify, is this was the first
Orchid/SNAG dinner since the stated alliance of the two groups.

Dave, we wish you could have been there. Next year Mr. Sebaste!

Good luck to you all,


Dear orchidians, i read about all the gatherings and am very
jealous. i have tried to have one in the new england area for those
of us who haven’t been able to attend any of the big meetings. it was
not very successful. i am wondering now that we read about all the
wonderful gatherings and the good times everyone has had,should i try
again??? any thoughts and if me anyway you wish. louise
gerstenblatt 1-207-361-4288