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[Orchid Gallery Update] Claudio Pino

Claudio Pino
Montreal, Quebec. Canada

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The Power of Rings. What makes a ring powerful? Is it the interplay
of shifting light, shadow and depth created by the unique
combination of metallic, matched colors, or is it the vintage
surface that recalls memories and projects unmistakable power?

Since 1995, I have been dedicated exclusively to jewelry design,
particularly one-of-a-kind sculptural rings. My artistic interests
have been drawn to the personal relationship people have with the
jewelry they wear. Sometimes, I add meticulous mechanisms to give
the stone set the freedom to follow the owner’s movements,
reflecting the wearer in many small, intricate ways. Each of my
designs represent a different thematic systema mirror of multiple
metaphors. Whether exploring systems in motion, metamorphosis of
insects or the pace of urban life, my passion awakens first in the
transformation of the raw material.

During the creative process, I never forget that someone will be
wearing the ring. Therefore, rings first need to be very comfortable
and belong to the hand. My rings come alive only when they find
their owners.

Making jewelry is a way to express emotions, ideas, and narratives,
and share them with others. It is also a way to stimulate our
senses. The transformation of raw materials into something usable is
limited only by our imaginations. – Claudio Pino

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Very nice. Love the rivets and holes through with multiple pieces.