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Orchid for AOL users

Hi All: Much to my dismay, I just discovered that AOL’s automatic
Spam Filter can include some Orchid Mail. They send the Spam they
have automatically deleted to a Spam Folder, which I check daily for
Orchid mail, and always find a few items. They don’t do it to be
annoying, as far as I know, but some of the e-mail addresses must
fall within the parameters of their spam engine (or whatever).
Anyway, I thought anyone with an auto spam filter might like to check
it out.


** Hanuman’s Response **

Thank you for pointing it out!

True, Some ISP might confuse Orchid as junk mail, depends on their
anti spam protection levels.

It will be wise to contact your ISP and request them to configure
their anti spam settings to allow Orchid posts through.