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Orchid Engagement announcement

Dear Orchidians,

I am pleased to announce my recent engagement to Kenneth Sawyer. I
am announcing it here, because Kenny and I met on Orchid four years
ago come next November. Yep…he posted a note to Orchid asking about
Staurolite crosses, and I sent him the info for a stone dealer that
lived near him, in New Mexico…Mike Hendrix from Minarex…The rest
is history.

Kenny is a wildlands firefighter, and park ranger in Taos New
Mexico…yeah…he’s moving here to Topanga…Ask him
when…lol…He’s still trying to catch more fires this summer, and
should be in Oregon soon to put those out. He plays baseball in an
old guys league…they call it Adult Men’s League…Skis like a
fiend, backpacks, hikes,(did the Crest Trail one year), fly fishes,
hunts mushrooms, birdwatches, is a great cook, drags me up mountains
to hunt rocks, and takes me to poetry slams. What more could I want?
Oh yeah…he’s handsome too…

Ken is no longer on Orchid…gone from home too often…but he still
makes jewelry…In fact, he made me some lovely ruby earrings for my
birthday last Monday. In the meantime, he lives the Orchid life
vicariously through me. Anyway, I just thought I’d let you guys in
on it…its all your fault Hanuman…so I thank you from the bottom
of my heart for giving me the forum to have unexpectedly met a great
guy, and my future husband. Oh yeah…all of the jewelry info is nice
too [grin]. Congratulations can be sent to me off line. Dire warnings
can be sent to Kenny at: No date is yet set,
but we will keep you posted.