[orchid] Enameling


Your reference to Ruth and Vincent Megaw’s book on Celtic Art,
From its beginnings to the Book of Kells, brought back a lot of
good research memories. The publisher is New York: Thames and
Hudson, 1989. Other books of interest are The Celtic Art Source
Book by Courtney Davis, London: Blandford Press, 1988 and
Treasures of Early Irish Art, New York: Metropolitan Museum of
Art, 1977.

In college I had the opportunity to write a paper on Celtic Art in
Myth. Of course, that was a few years back. That research is
what started my enamelling adventure.

A gaelic Norwegian Ballad “Seurius an Dobhair” Son of the King of
Bergen, describes some of the Celtic artwork:

“and there was found on the maiden’s fingers the gold, locked up
like taileasg (draught-board squares), and there were nine sets of
stones of victory (amber) on each side of the vulture of her
ring.20 The maiden girdle … so full of conquering power and artful
stratagems of jewels set in gold’ and sooth, the ring with the
yellow stones she left round the finger of the king of Bergen’s
son” "Brought to him was the true seer, who came from the countries
of the world to inspect the spell ornaments (garrlannalbh). (Bain)

Linda Crawford…Still Raining in California.