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Orchid Dinner - Thank you Dave Arens


Thank you for putting together such a nice dinner. It was wonderful
to meet the other orchid members and put faces with email names. For
me it was a great feeling of belonging and friendship while being
alone far away from home. It does look as if my son will be attending
the U of A in the fall and I hope that there will be another dinner
next year and I would love to bring him along.

Diane Sadel
JD Findings & Benad


I want to add my thanks to you, too, Dave, for arranging the Orchid
dinner. I had been in Tucson for a full 7 days at that point, and was
just about on Overload. It actualy provided a real energy - and
inspiration - boost! I am so happy to have met you folks! And I hope
to stay in touch with those with whom I exchanged cards. What an
experience Orchid has proven to be since I logged on last Spring! I
will certainly look forward to a reunion next year! And…do get a
copy of Alan Revere’s new book - I got the last one available at his
book-signing on Sunday; it is a feast. Happy Year of the Dragon, Orchid

Margery Epstein


I want to again thank Dave for undertaking the
impossible…organizing a dinner with 40 guests, virtually none of
whom recognize each other. It was fun to meet some of the people on
Orchid, and share a toast to Hanuman. Alan

Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts
760 Market Street . Suite 900
San Francisco . California . 94102 . USA
tel: 415 . 391 . 4179
fax: 415 . 391 . 7570
web site:


My thanks to Dave for organizing the Orchid dinner again this year.
After the sparse turnout in 1999, it was wonderful to see such a
great group of people show up! It was great fun meeting you all. I
look forward to seeing you again next year! (Dave, thanks for the

Karen Hemmerle