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Orchid Dinner Raffle

Greetings All -

The following people are recorded as purchasing raffle tickets:
Patricia Glover
Bev Jones
Linda Crawford
Noel Vovovich
Sam Patania
Debra Hoffmaster
Karen Ramsey - 2 tickets
JoAnn Dean
Judy Willingham
Robin Wagner
Eileen DelDuca - 2 tickets
Kim Crocker
Carrie Otterson
Trudy Edlebeck - 2 tickets

Again, Orchid Members, note: Raffle tickets are being assigned on a
first come-first served basis with only twelve tickets per mill
being accepted. Get your money and requests in as this is a really
good opportunity. It will benefit Orchid and can only be a positive
option. If you do not see your name on this list it means your check
and letter have not been received. I will update it as needed.

Pat Kulla @ Sam Patania’s

Hi - Pat Kula or Sam -

I was wondering if a person needs to be present at Tucson to enter
or win the rolling machine raffle?

I am hoping that the raffle is open to all, and that the machines
will be shipped to the winners - don’t want to be carting mine around
Tucson if the Fates smile on me!!