Orchid dinner in NYC

I want to thank all of you who attended last nights’ Orchid dinner
at Ipanema in NYC. I also want to thank Kenneth Singh for
organizing the evening on very short notice, and also for his
continued generosity.

Everyone had a great time. It was good to see returnees from last
year and to also see some new faces. It is amazing to me how a group
of people, many having never met before, instantly bonded,
furthering our sense of community.

We will start planning for next years’ event many months ahead.
Kenneth had to turn away people who wanted to come at the last
minute due to space limitations. So, plan ahead, if you are going to
be in NYC during next years’ MJSA show, let us know in advance so
that we can have room for all. I will keep everyone posted.

Joel Schwalb

We had 54 guests total for our NY Dinner. Till Saturday evening (one
night before) we had a total of 42. we had 9 guest signed up on
Sunday itself at the show & 3 turned up last moment at meeting.

Joel, Karen, Daniel, Jeff & Stephanie sat at the bar & back room to
accommodate the late comers. That is the Orchid spirit and it was
like a big extended family.

It was nice to see familiar & new faces. Plus to see interaction and
the instant bond. Due to the short notice we could not organize an
auction or raffle. Charles L-B & Kate Wolf made an appeal and we did
manage to raise $500 to send to Hanuman. Thanks to the donors (we
had a guest that canceled out but she did send in her $25 to be
applied to the donation.

I thank all of you for your help & cooperation. We will have a big &
better dinner next year and hope to see a lot more local Orchidians

Regards Kenneth Singh