Orchid Dinner in Las Vegas

Hello all,

For those of you who want to get together for an Orchid Dinner in
Las Vegas, we have reserved a private room at PF Chang’s in the
Aladdin Casino. Our reservations are for Saturday, May 31 at 7:30
PM. The room holds 22 people (just over the number of you who
indicated you wanted to join in), so I’ll need a confirmation e-mail
from each of you who wish to attend.

The dinner cost will be $25 per person (you can just bring it when
you come – no need to pay in advance). Please RSVP to me no later
than Thursday, May 29 at noon.

Can’t wait to see everyone! And for all of you who are traveling
right now (SNAG, JCK, SOFA, etc.), travel safe and have a good show!

Andrea Hill
The Bell Group