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Orchid dinner in Bangkok

A Thai Orchid dinner in Bangkok From: Michael David Sturlin

Respected Hanumasn, Our daily prayers offered to God Hanuman in Hindu
religion, a superb name/alias of yours and You’re one in millions.
I’ve been propagating online to many to subscribe to Ganoksin/Orchid
and participate in the discussions. You’re doing a fantastic job.
Hats off to you, hanuman! Respected Michael, Your comments are indeed
appreciable, fully endorse all your viewpoints. Hanuman is a very
generous man, may God bless him with lots of Peace, Prosperity,
productivity, and Healthy PERIOD THROUGHOUT LIFE.

It’s all God-gifted, not everybody could be that generous and
BIG-HEARTED as Hanuman. Orchid has indeed been a BIG contribution to
all in enabling us enhance our knowledge, and contacts. God bless
Hanuman and ALL,

Lalit Jhaveri