[orchid] Dichoric Glass-Marketing

As a jeweler and a glass fuser I’ve seen a lot of dichroic jewelry
in shows. Tho I personally do not work with dichroic glass.

It is indeed saleable. You can find it in every show. The problem is
that it is so compelling a media that there are great gobs of it out
there. The jeweler in me is a bit aghast at the fact that much of the
dichroic glass jewelry has glued on commercial findings and very
little metal work. Plus many artists cut their pieces up into the
same little squares and fuse it into the same little chicklet shaped
pieces. It gets repetitive.

There are a few jewelers who are doing wonderful things with
dichroic. One from Portland, who’s name escapes me, is faceting his
dichroic and setting it in metal like a fine gem. His work is quite

My thought that it’s time to push out the edges of this media and
stop doing the obvious with it. It’s easy to cut it up, fuse it, glue
on a finding. The glass needs more sophisticated treatment…and I
think that is where it’s market is going.