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Orchid Chat

In reponse to the large number of people who seem to be having
trouble with ICQ, I have set up an alternative. I have set up an
IRC server on my machine and I will be running it 24/7 for a while
to see if people like it. Getting to this server is a very easy.
Simply go to the following URL:

Just enter your nickname and your real name in to the available
fields and click on the button labelled “Connect” The first command
you should enter in is “/join #orchid” This will change you to the
#orchid channel where you may chat to your hearts contentment.

There is a user named rover on the channel. He will not talk to
you. He is a bot that I am testing.

If you have an IRC client you can connect to the server as on port 6667. If you don’t have a client use
the above link.

Remember this is just a barebones system, its ugly but it works.
Let me know what you think.

Geoff Webb
Pullman WA, USA


I’ve tried the URL address with Netscape 3.03 and IE 3.02 -
neither was able to find the URL - both claimed that the URL had
no DNS. Sorry to bother you but apparently something is awry
either in my system or in the given URL.


Joe Bokor

Okay let’s try this again. I have changed the test chat system to
a cgi chat system. Every browser should work.

Try this:

Give it a try.

Geoffrey Webb
Advancement Services
Washington State University
Pullman WA, 99164
(509) 335-1867

I connected just fine with this one! The only problem was, no one
was there.

Marilyn Smith who buried her daffodils under leaves when winter
returned. Midwest USA

Thanks for all your work, Geoff. It worked. I’m going to get
back on this afternoon about 2:00 CST, maybe someone else will also
be there.


Hi all, I went to the chat room at 3:00pm CST today (Sat) and
I’ll be there tomorrow (Sun) at 3:00 also, but since I sent this
same note yesterday and it hasn’t shown up yet I’ll try everyday
next week at 3 CST – unless someone has a better time to



Tried this one this week-end. It works, but… very slow and
you must use very short sentences. Someone suggested IRC when we
were trying to chat. Is that a possibility? or is that one you
already tried? I would love to chat sometimes, but the one above
is really frustrating. But, again, thanks for all your effort.



I finally found some people to chat with last night (Sunday), at
1:30 am EST of all times! Ran into 3 others and chatted a bit.
Great fun! Thanks for providing us with the new forum.


Nancy --I agree-trying to communicate in single sentences is
really difficult. Until we can find another solution, how about
the following: when we have more than one sentence to write, put a

sign at the end to indicate that more is coming and then type
the next line etc. This will clue the other person to wait for the
rest of the comment before responding. I noticed that there is
always a " signal at the end of the line and that can signify the
end. I’ve tried this with other people, and it works fairly well.

Are you forgetting that ICQ’s chat option doesn’t possess any of
the difficulties that have been brought in the recent posts. It
not only allows multiple lines of text, but real-time updating
allowing others to see what you’re typing as you’re typing it (yes,
spelling corrections, backspacing, etc.). It’s worth the effort to
download and install.

Good luck,

Jeff Howden
Intrica Fine Jewelry
ICQ# 5421116