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[Orchid Bloggers] Customizing your Orchid Blog


A “How-To” on customizing your Orchid Blog - Part 1
By K. O’brien

I have been honored with a request to write some how-to posts on
customizing your orchid blog. You know, the bland blog with the
standard theme which you believe to be doomed with only vast
whiteness occasionally decorated with some bland type. Much to the
contrary, there are numerous ways to jazz up your blog, so I am
going to divide these how-to posts into topics. By the way, these
aren’t just ways to make your blog look pretty, they are a means to
getturn all of your beloved readers into collectors. Ideally, we
want them to read your blog and then be attracted to your artwork,
which will now be displayed on your blog with a link to direct your
them into your store to make a purchase. That is why we take the
time to do all of this networking, isn’t it?

So, onto the first topic…Etsy. Since selling on etsy is easy and
cheap, many artisans are using etsy as their main website. It is
easy to maintain and personalize. It is also easy to advertise your
etsy store on your blog…

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