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[Orchid Bloggers] A "How-To" on customizing your Orchid Blog


A “How-To” on customizing your Orchid Blog - Part 2 - Facebook
By K. O’brien

There are so many ways in which we network as individuals and
businesses and I believe that most choose facebook for both. There
are many artisans with a business page on facebook, using it to
connect with clients, potential client and other artisans. I have
found that it can be a great source of seeing what happens behind the
scenes in the handmade world. You have the ability to post photos on
anything you like, be it your work, inspiration and your work space.
This is all so interesting to your audience. And if you have a
faithful followers you can ask them for advice on your photos, new
products, really anything and if you are in the giving mood thank
them with some coupon codes.

So, onto how to connect your blog followers to your facebook page…

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