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[Orchid Benefits] Otto Frei Generous Donation for Orchid

We wish to thank Otto Frei for their continued support of Ganoksin.

We also wish to thank Otto Frei for their generous donation of the
Orchid winter raffle GRAND PRIZE - $5,000 Gift Certificate for
purchasing from website!!

The Gift certificate can be used to purchase $5,000 worth of
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About Otto Frei

Otto Frei has over 75 years of history to back up our superior
knowledge, service and technical expertise. Our product mix is
unique in the industry, as we carry the most complete selections of
the fine quality jewelry tools available anywhere. Check out our
selection of Bezel Blocks in our Hammering and Forming category and
our Drawplate selection in the Drawing category. And don’t miss our
huge selection of Grobet Swiss Made Files or our famous collection of
John Frei custom Work benches All our products are backed up with an
outstanding inventory, competitive pricing and our satisfaction

Our founder and namesake, Otto Frei, immigrated to the United States
from Switzerland with his wife, Alice, in 1929. Skilled watchmakers
were very much in demand in those days, as they are today, and Otto
was an exceptionally skilled watchmaker. Alice was gifted too, as a
specialist in hairspring vibrating, a job that requires great
patience and dexterity. They had pre-arranged employment in
Cincinnati, Ohio, and they stayed there long enough to give birth to
their only child, John R Frei, and to realize that they didn’t care
for the weather. Onward to California they went. First to San
Francisco, where they briefly set up a trade watchmakers shop, and
then on to Oakland, where once again the weather was better. Our
company has been continuously in Oakland since 1930. read more:

Thank you Otto Frei for your support in the Ganoksin Orchid Winter
Raffle 2009!

Orchid Winter 2009 Raffle - You could have a winning ticket!

The total prizes value is 18,467.95 US$!
Support Orchid! Buy a ticket, or increase your chances, buy a few!

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