[Orchid Benefits] Chasing and Repousse Book

Hi Everybody!

Brynmorgan Press has graced us with another great new book. Chasing
and Repousse by Nancy Megan Corwin. 183 pages, hard bound. Probably
the most thorough book on the subject ever. It covers every aspect
of this art form, from the very basics to well beyond them. The
pages are filled with pictures to guide and inspire. The work of
dozens of artists adorn this manuscript. The tool making section is
excellent. This is a new classic. So, we going to offer a Ochidean
deal. The book sells for $35.00 U.S. That is in itself is a deal!
Order in the next couple of weeks and we will discount the cover
price by 14%. $30.00 each plus shipping and handling.

eMail: info at reactivemetals dot com

As soon as we get enough commitments we will call in the order. We
will have to ask for a credit card this time. The first time we did
this a number of our friends did not pick up the Grimwade book as
promised. Sorry, we have to be a little more business like. Bill

Bill Seeley
Reactive Metals Studio, Inc