Orchid bench jeweler in Cleveland area?

Hello Orchidians - I am in need of a bench jeweler in the Cleveland
area who can size a man’s bracelet for me.

A friend’s Dad lives there, and she has given him a bracelet -
sterling, with 1 big and 2 small turquoise stones - that is a bit
big. I tried to size it “remote” but it doesn’t work. To get it
right, he needs to show someone where he wears it and what is

Anyway, please contact me offline if you can do a quick sizing
around a mandrel for us.

South Cleveland area is most convenient.

She’ll be heading back there the first week of September.

Desert Rose Design Studio
Tucson, Arizona
520-591-0508 voice/message
866-421-1813 toll-free fax

Contact Steve Satow godmaker7@aol.com He can help you.