Orchid] Anodizing aluminum

The book by David LaPlantz regarding Anodizing Aluminum is out of
print, I checked on that when I first started researching how to
Anodize Aluminum.

Anodizing Aluminum takes a different process to color then say,
Niobium ( if you’ve ever used that metal) or Titanium. Ok, now I
could ramble off some technical jargin regarding anodizing aluminum,
but just for time’s sake I will explain in a very simple maner. It’s
kind of like coloring easter eggs, except with battery acid and an
electrical current. when you actually ‘anodize’ the aluminum your
taking a certain amount of voltage and runnin g it into a tank with an
acid solution which in combination, opens up microsco pic pores in a
thin layer (the thickness of the layer is determined by the vo ltage
used). After the pores have been opened you can dye it with any
organic d ye ( some companies sell dyes especially for that ) but, you
can use an organi c fabric dye as well, then you seal it by boiling it
and your set. You can buy a book which will explain how it is done,
(as well as other electroplating systems) from a company called
Caswell electroplating in miniature Voice:(315)597-1457
Fax:(315)-597-1457 or the web address is
http://www.caswellplating.com. I hope this helps!! Take
it easy! Cassie