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Orchid Anniversary

Hi all,

Dr. Aspler informed me recently that Orchid is having an
anniversary about now. He asked what we could do to celebrate
this. We could all go to Thailand and have a party at his house:)

My thought was we could create a gift from the Orchid list to
Lapidary Journal magazine. Dr. Aspler asked me to bring this
forward to the list.

I propose that we put together a compilation of 50-100 word
(note that is not much) statements from Orchid members on the
following subject:

“How the internet has benefited me”

Contributors send me the statements (Off List Please!!!) to:

I will then edit down to 1200 words or so (a normal article
length-about 14 people’s comments), and I will send it in to
Lapidary Journal. This will publicize the Orchid list (Lapidary
Journal has 90,000 subscribers)

What do you think?


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i think this is a great idea. i know it has benefited me,
Lapidary Journal found me online and ask me to write what looks
like a series of workshops for them, on crochet wire
jewelry…and i am having a great time too. I love Orchid, and
look forward to reading my mail daily, knowing there will be
great ideas and intelligent discussion, no spam, no get rich
quick by sending $5.00…just real talk by real people who
care about the work we do.

pat moses-caudel

Dear Charles

I think it is a very good idea that you propose about what
Orchid through the internet have done for me, As for me , it
have help broden the horizen in my work especially in the area of
Silver Jewelry , especially when we need new fresh idea interm of
new marketable styling for our customers worldwide as we Silver
World Co. Ltd. are getting more and more customers via internet
weekly and we are seeing many more customers visiting our site in
the near future. So if there is any thing that we can do to
help please let me know. Thank you very much in advance. Best

Sincerly yours,


Charles, I think this is a super idea. I have been getting the
LJ for 20+ years and read every line of it. With 90K
distribution we should create a lot of interest in Orchid.
Support you completely and will get started on my comments right
away. When you say “about now” for an anniversary date, can you
be more exact and set a time frame to receive inputs? Don