Orchid and Viruses - End of thread

Dear Orchid Members, By now, a lot of you may have been hit by the
above mentioned virus. It comes via an email attachment trojan horse.
You receive an email from someone on Orchid and you assume it’s okay
to open. Remember that Hanuman REMOVES attachments so please be
suspicious of attachment. Of course, you might think it’s a direct
response from the Orchid member to one of your postings. Check to
see if it makes sense. This virus plays back a truncated version of
your own posting and then says “take a look to the attachment”. It
doesn’t have any personalized message from the supposed sender. DO

If you attempted to open it, even if it seems like it didn’t open, it
probably did and the trigger is delayed. I didn’t have my antivirus
system adequately updated so when I opened my email again the next
day, all the unread Orchid mail senders got zapped. I have
personally tried to contact all people attacked via my machine and I
have been contacted by folks who infected me. Bottom line, we all
have to be more vigilant in updating our virus protection. This was
a “dope slap” for me and like Red Rodder and probably hundreds of
other Orchid members, I will zealously update my viruscans every week
from now on.

While we sometimes wish we could have attachments transmitted by
Hanuman, I, for one, am glad he judiciously removes them. If he
didn’t, all 3000+ of us could someday be infected by a new,
unidentified virus.

Sincerely, Donna Shimazu