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Orchid ACRE Vegas meet up

Hi All-

Any Orchidians going to the ACRE show in Las Vegas next week? I’d
love to plan a time to meet up with some of my fellow jewelers. I
don’t know the area at all and am totally open to any suggestions on
when/where to meet. This is my first wholesale show and although I am
a bit nervous I think it should be a good time. Please feel free to
respond to this or offline. Thanks!


Hey Rachel,

I’ll be in booth 304, stop by and say “hi”. I’m getting in thurs


I will be in booth 412, but due to a 6 week old new knee
replacement, I won’t be wandering around too much. But if you stop
by the booth, I would love to meet you

Joan Dulla

Hi guys -

Joan - Sorry to hear about the surgery, ouch. Hopefully you are
feeling better and kudos for pulling through and doing the show. I’d
be curled up in bed with lots of compresses!

Looks like it will be a busy show and people don’t have much time.
If I have time to wander around I’ll try to pop by and see you both.
Or maybe grab a quick drink one night after the show. I’m not quite
sure what to expect from this show (as a wholesale show and all)
maybe the buyers descend like a herd of hungry locusts? That would be
neat :wink: Anyhow, I am in booth 849 if you do get around at all during
the day. We are driving out from Iowa on Wednesday. So much to do
before then! Hope to see you both there.


Hi all,

You’ll find me lending moral support to Joan Dulla in booth 412 and
hoping to learn something about the wholesale show ropes.

I’m looking forward to the ACRE show and the chance to meet some
more of our Orchid family.

Pam Chott