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Orca Torch

Does anybody use this Orca torch? My friend told me it’s very popular in Europe…

I use Little Smith Torch, but would be happy to switch to something that doesn’t use oxygen from tanks.

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or in the US they sell under Ezy Torch or something like that

There is a large body of opinion on EZ Torch in the archives. You should be able to search it there.

Don Meixner

H Dsam,
Im surprised you want to go away from using 2 gases for your soldering, heating work.
Why is that? can you explain? Surely, it cant be cost?
Using propane or butane or ever going back to acetylene ( quite dangerous) is a retrograde step in my view.
Single gas torches in general work well for all low temp ie simple soldering jobs, but the moment you want real heat, you have to add oxygen.
Can you also say as a new visitor to this forum, a bit about yourself? age? location? type of work you are or plan to make?
We all here wish to support beginners efforts, what ever work in metal they do.
Any pictures of what you do?
also here in Europe we use many different types of torches, depending on the need. From serious gas axes cutting 1in thick steel to 2in dia propane heating to small silversmithing 2 gas torches made by our leading gas supplier here in the UK the British Oxygen co. from whom we buy this gas in 300 bar 200ltr steel cylinders. The most economic way.
Look forward to your reply.

The Orca or EZ torch has its place in a shop, but not as your only torch. I have a Meco and Little torch for soldering and EZ for annealing and quick small soldering jobs. It doesn’t have the heat needed to do heavy soldering and won’t do casting melts at all…Rob

Hi dsamborschi
I switched to an Orca Torch a few years ago. Same reason as yours, I wanted to remove oxygen tanks from my studio.
My primary focus is filigree, but I have used my Orca to do most things that I did with my little torch ie size rings, repair chain etc.
What you need to consider is what you want to do with the Orca torch. It is not as hot as the Little Torch and is not suitable for soldering very large pieces, but then neither is the Little Torch.
While I currently don’t see a need to go back to the little torch, if I ever do, I will get an oxygen concentrator rather than go back to oxygen bottles


This work is done with a Prestolite type
torch, ambient oxygen.
Work by Lyndon Tsosie.
Some of his work goes for $50,000.

Thank you Milt! Very helpful!

Sometimes I miss my presto-lite torch. I used it for 35 year, but was never comfortable with the tank of gas in my cellar shop. I also dropped a steel bench block on the regulator. I spent a lot of time researching options and as posted earlier am now using a meco and little torch both on a non-adjustable regulator an 1 lb. propane cylinder. For O2 I use a concentrator. I also have an EZ torch for annealing, also on a 1 lb. propane cylinder. I would like to move to concentrated NG sometime, but that expense is down the road with others higher on the list. Lyndon Tsosie’s work is wonderful!..Rob

I still use a Presto lite Torch but I am considering a move to Oxy/Propane not because I have concerns about the acetylene but because the only time I run out of gas is when it isn’t available for a few days. The move to propane is strictly one of convenience for me. I could be perfectly happy with a Presto lite torch for years to come. But as I am upgrading much of my equipment now that I have retired from work as a designer maybe it is time to upgrade my torch as well. I have an O2 concentrator which I have never hooked up. Rob’s set up is efficient and simple and I may lean in that direction as I am a fan of both simplicity and efficiency. I have found the Smith Little torch to be a problem with my fingers in my left hand. Too much injury. I find I can’t hold the little torch comfortably. The Meco was much easier when I tried Rob’s so I may go in that direction.

I use a small propane torch for annealing and the occasional solder job at shows.

Choosing tools to make a living with is never easy. As Rob said, “Research.”

Don Meixner

---- Robert Meixner wrote:

Hi Don,
If you like something a bit bigger than the Smith LT, you might want to also consider trying to find an old USA-made Hoke. I see them pop up on ebay for about $40 to $50. Big handles and very small tips available, That’s what I have.

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If your concern is an oxygen tank consider getting an oxygen concentrator. My insurance company wouldn’t allow an oxygen tank except for the disposable ones and that won’t get you very far. I love my concentrator…you can find refurbished ones pretty reasonably priced…Rio also sells them but they are more thru them. You can also purchase unrefurbished ones on Craig’s list (that’s where I got mine but it was refurbished by someone who did it on his day job and then as a sideline often selling them to lampworkers). Go beyond your Your local Craig’s List. I got mine from PA and I’m in Wi. Shipping was $60. It is an economical and safe choice.

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
Looking for a jeweler’s torch for your jewelry projects? We recommend: