Orca torch problem

My orca torch won’t shut off the gas
Is it possible to repair?

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Is it the valve on the handle or the propane cylinder? Either way, you have a problem. Don’t use the torch and remove the propane cylinder. In the US it is known as an EZ Torch. You might call or email Otto Frei and see what they say and if they sell replacement parts. Good luck…Rob


Yes, you definitely shouldn’t use the torch if it’s malfunctioning!

In the US it’s called the EZ Torch and the Orca Torch depending on who sells it. Rio Grande and Contenti for instance call it the Orca Torch.

With your problem, let’s be more specific. You say that it won’t turn off. Is it not turning off at the handle or the tank?

Is your torch less than a year old? Most jewelry tools come with a one year warranty. I’d recommend that no matter what you reach out to the company that you bought it from and ask what they can do? My guess if you have a malfunctioning torch, they’re just going to give you a new one, even if it’s out of warranty, but that’s just a guess.

Both the handle and the valve at the tank can be replaced, but I doubt they can be repaired.

Let us know how it works out!


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