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Orca Mod torch setup in the UK


I have a gas torch I use it for jewellery making that I brought from
Brazil. This torch works attached to a gas cylinder. Now I’m living
in London and I couldn’t find the same cylinder here. Does anyone
knows where can I find this cylinder or something similar that I can
attach to the torch? The gas that I used for my torch was a GLP
(Liquefied Petroleum Gas) model Orca Mod 75.

Thanks for any help!

I imagine this is what you have:

You should be able to find what you need… The fitting shown here
(New Zealand website) shows a POL adapter that works on a US
cylinder. This fitting is used for Propane and related gases as well
as acetylene in the US.


If the link Jesse just supplied is the torch you are using, I use
the US version. I buy canisters of propane gas used for camping
equipment (cookers, lamps) to run the torch.

Donna in VA

The usual gas used here in the UK is propane, which comes in an
orange cylinder of various sizes. The regulator has a left hand
thread to prevent mix up between fuel gases and oxygen. You can
order it from many petrol stations, garden centres, harware stores
and comping shops.