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I am having a problem with my Orca Torch that I haven’t seen mentioned before. I spoke with my brother about one aspect of The Orca EZ Torch and that was the black deposits that sometimes occur. This seems to be something in the hose that may be a left over from manufacturing but it seems to go away in time and not be an issue.

I use the torch mainly for annealing and lightweight solder jobs. Lately when I turn on the torch and adjust the tip the torch flames out when tipped to begin applying heat to the metal. I lose all the blue of the flames and it “Blossoms” just a soft yellow flame. When I tip the torch upright a stream of clear bubbles the consistency of olive oil will come from the tip. I can’t use the torch like this obviously. A new propane bottle doesn’t seem to solve the problem.

Any thoughts.

Don Meixner

Propane tanks have a liquid with an odor to help you smell a leak , this fluid accumulates in the house over time ( and specially if you drop the torch it will fizzle out just unplug from tank and let it frainteso

Per our recent conversation, did you blow out the hose and torch body with compressed air? I have a compressor, so feel free. Did you clean the tip in any way (boil in water, time in the ultrasonic)? The flaming out is interesting. I know that mine will alter the flame with movement and it is the adjustable air port collar somehow moving. Is everything good and tight? If I am having trouble with mine, which I haven’t for a long time. I go through and tighten everything, open up the air collar so that it lights producing a very wide cool flame, then I slowly turn the air collar until I get the flame that I want. Good luck…Rob

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It just occurred to me that I run my EZ Torch on propane from refillable cylinders that I refill myself from a larger 20 lb. propane tank. I think that you use small one time use cylinders. It is possible that the gunk is coming from these small cylinders. If you bought the fittings with the torch to do it, hook up to a 20 lb. tank and see if anything changes. I have the fittings to do that if you don’t. I also have fittings to refill both the one time cylinders and small 1 lb. cylinders that are made to be refilled. Look at Flame King refillable cylinders…Rob

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I shall try all things. As I say, a new tank didn’t seem to help so I shall try another. I have a compressor and the hose is clear. I’m leaning on the notion of the propane bottle being a problem. Tomorrow I’ll do another cleaning and see where I am.



I don’t use this torch but I do use oxy/propane.

Years ago when I was remodeling my studio I did some research about plumbing propane and general things to know. One bit of info came from the folks at my gas supply house (O2, argon, etc.). They told me that the red/green paired hoses that are used for oxy/acetylene are not rated for propane (the red or gas side that is). Propane that sits in those hoses will eventually eat into the hose. You need a “type T” hose for propane. A single type T hose is often black but I have paired red/green hosesI that are stamped “Type T”.

I imagine the Orca people have this figured out but I thought it was worth mentioning in any case.


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Wow, Don, interesting and annoying! It was obvious from your original post that something was contaminated with oil and a search on oil in propane tanks confirmed that this does happen, mostly in refillable 20 pounders and larger, but I suppose also possible in 1 lb bought canisters. IDK what you are using. Maybe you can make a return, but you’d need to get a source of clean propane. Then I would clean out my hose using soapy water and then compressed air. Clean out the torch as best you can with pipe cleaners, etc., compressed air, etc. Once everything is cleaned out, you should be good to go, unless there is more contamination from a tank. Let us know what happens, it would be good to be aware if propane contamination is a problem. Thx, royjohn

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I tore down the Orca EZ Torch to it’s constituent parts. Cleaned everything. The tips and the torch head spent an hour soaking in acetone and then were blown dry with compressed air. The hose was cleaned out with compressed air. The whole rig was reassembled and it didn’t work any better. That is where I learned the air flow collar could be installed upside down. Flipped the collar over and it works fine now.

My theory. If the torch is left under pressure with the torch valve closed and the tank valve open OR with both valves closed but without burning off or venting the gas in the hose condensation of gas and any additives may occur. And it is the condensed gas that bubbles out on occasion causing the problems I experienced. Since I would very often shut off the torch valve but not the tank I am guessing that is what was happening.

Thanks for the help.


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Hey Don,
Nice to hear you got back up and running on the torch! There is info out there on these contaminated tanks, so if interested, you could certainly find out more…I did. Evidently it is the mercaptan (I think that’s the name) that is added to give the propane a smell in case of leaks that liquifies to an oily film. I guess this is a sometimes thing and maybe only occurs when a little too much of this stuff is added. I would check with my local gas supplier and local torch sellers and see what they can tell you. I’d guess some of them have run into this before.
Is there a chance that you have left the torch dangling downward so whatever liquid is in it could accumulate in the torch itself? Might be one other factor. Good luck having lots of fun and making lots of jewlery!

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