Options for setting drusy cabochons


I’ve bought a few oval and free-form drusy cabs with flat backs and
flat sides. To be exact, the sides and the back are at a 90 degree
angle. My question is what are my options for setting these kinds of
stones? I’ve seen them bezel set with bezels that rise above the
crystals and with bezels that are at the same height or just below
the crystals. How are these done? A none gluing method would be
preferred. Lastly, they seem quite fragile so how do I handle these
sorts of stones? Thanks.


Just a spot of lateral thinking here - I have an amethyst drusy ring
where silver flower ‘petals’ are bent to hold the stone in place.
Looks gorgeous, and the stone is very secure but not obscured.

So, if the cabochon form and the height of the drusy chrystals lend
themselves to the idea, they need not be completely enclosed by a
traditional bezel, but can be held in place by other elements of the

Jane Walker

They can be fragile. You really don’t want to slip with any tool near
the crystals. I use 24 kt, but used to use fine silver, as both
metals are very giving. If your bezel is just high enough to reach
the crystal layer you can take advantage of irregularities to get
some metal in there to hold the stones.

Marianne Hunter