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Opinions Please?

I don’t see anything “unresolved” except that juror’s haughty
attitude. She must have been wearing her knickers in a twist and
suffering low blood sugar. Your pieces are interesting, but I would
hazard a guess they might be on the side of avant that could appeal
to a smaller number of customers. I can tell they are great fun to
create - like that kind of experimentation myself - but they don’t
fly off the shelf. Follow your bliss, if you can afford to be
patient. Have fun with those things, and best success at all you

Pat Hicks

Karen, your work is fabulous. I am sure you feel assured from the
many well-deserved compliments you’ve received so far from the
wonderful people at this forum. However, allow me to add that I find
your work to be creative, unique and expressive. Certain of your
pieces really “spoke” to me, and I can only hope I can create
something like that someday. The piece that contains the fan-shaped
Morrisonite is stunning, as well as the pieces to which you applied a
patina. I think silver deserves color and great design, and you do
it beautifully. Thank you for sharing your work. And nevermind the
catty remark from the “juror.” He must have been having a hormonal

Cathy Flory