Opinions Please

Karen, To start with let me say that I think it is very important
that you don’t take the opinion of only one individual as the final
word. An old Biblical proverb states that, “there is safety in a
multitude of counsellors.” Secondly I would say that you are much
braver than I am for putting these pieces out there for for public
critique. I commend you highly for your courage in this.

I’m writing this as I look at your work but I want to say this
first. Well done! You’re pushing the envelope and that always
creates new boundaries for both artist and viewer. Ok, now for the

1.) Dragon-lyre- This piece isn’t bad. I like the flow of its
curves. It does seem to be missing something though and I can’t
quite figure what exactly. I’m not a total symetry freak but it
seems that the dragons head and neck don’t seem to balance with the
lyre and tail portions of the piece. Perhaps this is only a part of
a piece? Not quite a completed work? I can’t quite say.

2.) Fluid -organics 1- I like this one a lot. There is a lot to see
but nothing seems overly crowded. Its visual textures, both in edges
and surface invite the eye to continue looking deeper and the
patinated colorings are fantastic. Very nice!

3.) Fluid-organics 2- The surface features take the eye on a visual
trip to the top of the piece. I am reminded of the confluence of two
rivers seen from overhead- one slightly muddied and turbulent, the
other deeper and flowing slower. The void between the two speaks of
a steep bluff dividing the two. The strength of its emptiness and
edges inplies the strength of rock. The piece over-all is
challenging but I don’t see it as unresolved.

4.) Fluid-organics 3- This is another one that I find quite
satisfying. It is reminiscent of a bird’s skull in shape. It is
primal and visually stimulating. The lines and dangles across the
open space balance each other nicely and the surface is stimulating.
Good work. I like it!

5.) Grunge-bird- I too wonder about the title but you should call it
what it speaks to you. At first this piece asks questions- is it
complete? Is something missing? But then, as I look at it, I see
that ,no, it is complete. There is balance. There is a satisfying
surface texture rendering from smoothe neat edges and flat planes to
a form of curves and elevation. And again, those beautiful colors.
Yes it asks questions but it also provides its own answers. I like
this one a lot too.

6.) house-party- I don’t see the “darkness” or “anger” that others
have spoken of. This work is visually stimulating. I like the
contrast between the light and darker colors. I can see activity.
The left side reminds me for all the world of a monkey climbing the
wall. High jinx at their finest! The party takes place in the yard
too. I’ve been to parties like this and had a great time too. This
is a fun piece.

7.) Snake pendant- What can I say? This piece is odd but not at all
unattractive. I’m an archaeology nut and this piece reminds me of
something you’d find at a dig. It too asks questions- What was this?
What was it used for? It’s pretty enough to be something decorative,
was that its function? I like work that provides some mystery. The
form appears complete and balanced. The surface textures speak of
age. The colors are intriguing. Yup, I like this one too.

Karen, over all I like these pieces because they catch my eye but
also because they engage me intellectually. Yes, they are unusual in
appearance and, yes, they do push boundaries. But they are also very
sculptural. If any of these pieces were three to four feet tall
and/or wide there is no doubt in my mind that they would be quite
welcome in any art gallery’s sculpture section. My opinion, for what
its worth, is simple. I really like where you are going here and I
encourage you to continue.