Opinions on the Square Marketplace?

I use a Square for transactions at local shows that I participate in, and that has worked fine for the kind of volume I do. Recently, I discovered that Square also provides you with a mechanism to have an online sales presence as well for free. Before putting a bunch of items there and spending a lot of time I thought I’d turn to the group for their impressions of Square Marketplace.

One problem that I can see is that there doesn’t seem to be a master index of kinds of stores. (You can’t go to squareup.com and find a listing or any entries to “like” kinds of stores in anyway) Unless you know the direct link to the store that you are looking for, you can’t go searching for all birthday card providers or all goldsmiths.

My questions are the following:

  1. Does anyone have any experience with Square in this capacity (good or bad)?
    2 Has anyone actually heard of the online Square market place (or are they just another Amazon/Etsy wannabe)?
  2. Any other thoughts I’m missing?

I put two of my pill boxes in the store to try it out a while ago.
but there has been no traffic or interest for that matter that I can see.
Thanks in advance for your input.

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Square marketplace doesn’t drive any traffic or really have any SEO for customers to find you. I would think of it more as a turnkey solution to sell things online to your own customers at a low fee for you, rather than as anything like a storefront.

If you are frequently making custom orders to ship, or have a strong mailing list following, it could be useful for you to provide links for people to purchase things directly.