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Opinions on files


This is kinda part two of my filing vise experience. The filing vise
is a great tool but I found my cheap files didn’t work with it to
score a perfect cut to fold flat metal 90 degrees. So I blew some
money on a small set of Fredrich Dick files which are infinitely
better than the no name stuff our local lapidary guy sells. Question:
are the FD files the best there is and how do they compare to Grobet
Swiss files, is the extra money worth it for the FD files? Does anyone
know where to get these joint files Alan demonstrates in making a
hinge on his silver box video? I don’t see these cylinder or joint
files in any of the major catalogs. Thanks in advance


Hi Dave, My late Dad was a tool and die maker and he swore by
Nicholson files. I have his tool box now and in it were about a
lifetime supply of Nicholson needle files and additionally several
large 12" Nicholson files and they work just fine. Do a web search
on Nicholson files and you will find their site.

Warmest Regards,


Dave Stephens- In response to your question on files - I can’t answer
the part about whether the F. Dick files are better than Grobet Swiss
files, but I do have some F. Dick files which I love, and was able to
get some joint files from them during a visit to the F. Dick factory
in Germany several years ago (just before Rio started distributing F.
Dick files). We went to the factory at my husband’s behest hoping to
find some of the carbon steel knives they are so famous for - and
found only stainless knives but, much to my surprise - jewelry tools
as well. I was also able to obtain a catalog of their jewelry tools
and if you wish, (and can be patient - I don’t get much done these
days) I would be happy to send you a photocopy of some of the joint
files and the address where they can be reached so you can inquire as
to whether Rio can obtain them, if they have other distributors in the
U.S. or if they can be ordered directly from Germany. I haven’t seen
these small round files anywhere else. Since I appear to be the only
one responding to your post after 8 days, please e-mail me off list if
you want the info - there doesn’t appear to be much interest in this
subject. Sheridan Reed


Just catching this thread midstream, I would like to add that our
neighbor, Frei and Borel, carries round edge joint files too. These
are indispensable for accurately cutting seats for hinges. These
files, sometimes called “chenier” files, come in tenth millimeter
increments and I think Frei and Borel carry Grobet. Note, always
insert them into a handle or pin vise for stability and control
during use. Alan

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