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Operating acetylene-air torch sage advice

It has been a few years since I have used an acetylene-air torch. I
had a short course and have used my torch rarely and so have
forgotten how to open up the system for use. Mine has a value and a
fuel gauge but no pressure gauge. I have forgotten how the b tank
should be turned on. I know I have to turn the value counterclockwise
but not open it all the way. I do not know how much to turn the
prestolite knob which is on the tank not the one on the torch. I just
want to do some minor soldering, ie. jump rings and french wires and
do have a butane ronson tech torch but have never opened the package
because I was told it would not get hot enough for sterling. Any sage
advice would be great. I will check the valves with a soap solution
and look at the hose for drying out but the gauge has said full for
years and I do not believe there is any leakage. Regards, Barbara

I have a Prestolite air acetylene torch which I use with a B tank. I
use it to fuse tiny jump rings, as well as for melting silver for
casting. I use the smaller tip for tiny work, and the big torch tip
for melting.

It is very easy to use. I turn the black knob so that it opens to
the B section, which is fine for my work. To turn it on, I turn the
little wrench that is attached to the tank about a quarter of a turn.
Then I turn the knob on the torch handle so that the gas flows
through to the tip.

When You are finished just turn the gas off at the tank—turn the
wrench until the dial registers that it is off. Then I bleed the hose
to remove any gas which is in it. Some skip this step, but I prefer
to bleed it.

Hope this helps,.


the valve on the tank will open in the same counterclockwise
direction, I suspect that you may be worried because the cylinder
valve thread itself is the opposite way round to oxygen cylinder
valves. This will become apparent when you swap cylinders! For the
order of things: open the cylinder valve first. This is the one you
do not open fully as you dont want to jam it open in case you need to
shut it quickly and you can also immediately tell that it is open.

You then open the torch valve a little and light the gas. You can
then increase the flame and if using compressed air open the air
valve a little and turn it up until the flame loses all of its yellow
colour. Adjust both fuel/air to get the flame size you require. When
turning off turn off air first and then the fuel. Purge the torch
quickly with air- you may get a slight bang if there was still a
flame in the torch nozzle. Turn off cylinders.

Your Ronson torch will get plenty hot enough for soldering jump
rings and ear wires, it is just the flame size will not be so

Nick Royall

I have the same type of torch, but I burn off the bleed. I have no
place but my basement to work, and I don’t want a build up of gas
with a hot water heater in the next room. I do have a fan to go