Openning jewelry manufacturing company

I am working toward opening a jewelry production company, for my own
castings and working with other jewelry artists. I have some

  1. What is the latest technology in jewelry production? I have done
    research, but would like input from all of you.

  2. If you use a manufacturer for some of your designs, what do you
    like in a manufacturing company? What would you like to see, services,
    turnaround, etc?

Please tell me anything to make my company the very best in working
with other jewelry artists.

Thank you in advance, all the best, Michelle


Hummmm. You want Orchid members to tell you anything to make your
company the very best in working with other jewelry artists? You
want Orchid members to tell you the latest technology in casting
sterling? resin? gold? copper? bronze?

Have you thought about attending a technical jewelry school to learn
all the processes for casting jewelry? My experience has been what I
learned hands on in beginner, intermediate then advanced classes was
a much better way to learn than asking over a thousand orchid members
to write a note.

Good luck, MA

Hi, Michelle

I am designer & jewelry manufacturer for many other designers &
jewelers worldwide.

I am using all latest & traditional techniques in my work shop.

You can make your designs on CAD 3D & take output with latest 3d
printers for perfection & accuracy. You can directly cast, either make
mold with liquid silicon.

I am consultant for many jewelery manufacturer companies in India.

Working last 20 years, you can ask anything to me.

Kapil Jain.

Respectfully Michelle,

There is a niche business from which many of us make a partial
living. It is in consulting to people like you. I suggest you ask the
professionals in the forum for a recommendation for a consultant in
your area to assist you, otherwise feel free to contact me off list.