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Opening jewelry repair shop

My name is Alberto Sandoval I completed the Graduate Jeweler program
at Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco California in 1999.
If you not awere, the Academy is the premire school for jewelry arts
on the entire West Cost. It is a great honor to have graduated from
such a fine establishment. After graduated from Revere, I went to work
for a Company for a bout a year doing jewelry repairs and learning as
well from other jewelers. After that I went to work for another
Company doing what I love to do most Jewelry repairs, and also hand
made jewelry for customers, in that establishment I learn a litle bit
more a bout jewelry making. In this kined of work you can’t learn
enough you learn more and more as you go along. I want to open my own
jewelry repair shop, but I neede advice? What can you tell me a bout
the jewelry repair market? how well does a jewelry repair shop will
do? Not only do I want to do jewelry repair but some retail also, I
want to do castings, custome work, hand made jewelry and jewelry
repair. I also want to do trade work for other jewelers, any advice
that you can give me would be of great help to me and my new business.
Thank you for your attention and I’m
loking forwar to hear from you. ATT: Alberto Sandoval

dear mr sandoval my name is lynn wilson. i just opened a repair shop.
i have been in the business for 5 years. i have a few sujestions
for you.

  1. great letter of introduction.

  2. competetive pricing

  3. don’t under sell yourself.

  4. some places jewelers are a dime a dozen

  5. start a shop at your home first

  6. keep exact records of item repaired and location of repair for
    warranty work purposes.

  7. don’t be to picky over who you choose to do business with. ( your
    getting your name out there be picky later)

  8. don’t spread yourself to thin on delivery time.

  9. give yourself enough time to do the job correctly and beautifully

I hope these things will help you. if you would like to ask
questions my address is @w_lynn_wilson

good luck
w. lynn wilson
willowyn jewelry designs and repairs