Opening a samll tradeshop

I’m french living in chiangmai and would lilke to open a workshop of
15 workers about. i bought before some of your book (cheap trills,

I have some questions, can you reply for each of them? will have
small casting, grinding, polishing, settings, sand blasting,
ultrasonic, laser soldering, hydrogen soldering.

1-is it better to have a forced mechanical air ventilation of the
work shop, with dust collector spot on each grinding table, and fume
extractor for soldering table? or having all the dust collectos with
a room air puriifyer?

2- are the dust collector which claim to recirculate fresh air are
good? (quatro for exemple)

3-what do you think of drawndraft tables for grinding work? or a dust
collector directed to the piece is enough?

4-what is the size of the hose you recomment for dust collector?

5- where exaclty to place the fish mouth of the dust collector?
upper or under the work. best is to have 1 on above and one lawer?

6-can polishing + grinding + soldering be in the same room, each
havine their own dust or fume extractor?

7-is it better for each bench work to have it’s own dust collector
with motor, or better to have all tables connected with hoses linked
to a central suction collector?

8- do you have a layer of the ideal workroom?

thks nicolas

I would think overkill for each of your scenarios if you care about
your employees…do for them the best you can…and they will repay
you more than you know.