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Open Letter to the Entire Group

To All Members:

It has come to my attention that my boss has a soft spot for
jewelers and their creations. He didn’t go into details as to
why but he did say that after the High Holidays here in
Israel, beginning November until the last week in December,
that he would be willing to use his hotel as a base for any
conference we may consider relative to the subject we love
most. Too, he will turn over his conference halls for an
exhibition to the general public if we choose. If anyone is
interested we can start organizing it now. If you want I can
ask him both the group and separate F.I.T. rates per night.
Just let me know personally.

Under normal circumstances, I would have never dreamed of
telling this group in case it would be misinterpreted as
spam. But my boss was so excited about the possibility of
joining jewelers worldwide, I could not help but tell all of

If you want to see their web site, tell me personally and I
will direct you where to go.

Thank you for reading this informal invitation,


Sheldon I happen to be going to Isreal this saturday, are in a
store or a place where i can visit. I woild be interested in
talking about that show. Thanks Bari