[Open House in LA] Leave no stone unturned!

Call me semi-retired… or just call me tired :-). However you look
at it, I am no longer making jewelry full-time and I find myself with
a very large inventory of incredible mostly cabochons. I
could leave them to my heirs to dispose of at some (hopefully
distant) future time but I would much rather see them go to fellow
jewelers and/or stone lovers who will make beautiful things with
them. So…

On Saturday and Sunday, August 2-3, from noon to 3 pm, I will be
having an open house at which I will be selling literally hundreds of
stones at or near my cost (wholesale or below in most cases). The
stones include opals of all kinds, jaspers, agates, drusies, rare
materials, transparent and translucent gemstones (tourmalines,
garnets, sapphires, various quartzes, even an emerald or two). Click
the following link to see an image of just a few of the stones


I’m near Olympic & LaCienega in Los Angeles and you will need to
email me for the exact address. You will also need to email me if you
can’t make it on August 2nd or 3rd and wish to make a private
appointment after those dates.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly, not on the
Orchid list.

Beth Rosengard

P.S. I may also decide to sell some of my jewelry books and a few
tools. There could be a few nice surprises :-).