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Open Back or not


Try a simple experiment. Take two stones of the same size, cut,
color, and clarity and mount one in a closed back setting and one in
an open back setting. Hold the two mounted stones side by side and
note the differences. Look at the areas near the girdle and the flash
from the center of the stone as the stone is tilted and rotated.
Which stone appears more pleasing to your eye?

I have cut many thousands of facetted stones and have sold many
thousands of the stones that I have cut. The one area of cutting
and marketing that is still difficult to get a grasp on is the
pleasant feeling a certain stone gives to a buyer. Describing this
effect is very difficult as I do not fully understand it. No
formula, expertise in cutting, measurement, or analysis that I have
done can give me a hint of what it is that triggers the response from
a cuustomer of “that’s it”. I want that one now. This applies to
open back or not. A stone mounted in a closed back does not appear
natural to me. When that same stone is presented in an open back it
is pleasing.

I know all the formulas and facts about light in gemstones and have
the skill and experience to cut as well as anyone else. All that
will not trigger the response I so often observe from customers.
That’s the one, price is secondary.

Gerry Galarneau, Tucson 9 days away, Gem Mall booth 111 Jan 31 - 13 Feb.
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